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PicClick is an elegant and simple tool that is more enjoyable to use than the built-in search tools on eBay...


I love eBay, but what I don't love is the crazy amount of scrolling I have to do. Sometimes my searches yield over 20 pages — ugh! If you share my pain, there's a cool solution: . It's super simple, just type in your search terms per usual and start browsing this more user-friendly eBay.

PopSugar can see ALL of the results on one page. It is fast, easy, and totally addicting!

Apartment Therapy

Aside from being visually compelling, PicClick is fast. It manages to return relevant results exceedingly quickly. Plus, flying through hundreds of entries seems a great deal easier without having extemporaneous information cluttering the page.

Read Write

Outstanding idea. This search program lets you sift through a great number listings quickly, filtered and sorted your way. It provides enough information to decided to click through or not. Best of all it is an endless page, it just keeps adding listings as you go!! I was able to view literally 100's so quickly.

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